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Scifi family drama Deliver Us Mars is currently free to keep from Epic

Delivery is free

Deliver Us Mars is a third-person puzzle adventure which manages to marry planet-sized problems with personal family drama. Katharine was a fan when it released not so long ago, back in February.

Which makes it nice that it's free to keep this week from the Epic Games Store.

Head over to the Deliver Us Mars store page and you can add it to your Epic account for free anytime between now and November 30th. It'll be yours to keep forever.

The Epic store is also currently having a Black Friday sale, which sees the return of the Epic Coupon system. Grab such a coupon and it'll be added to any eligible purchase to grant you an extra 33% off. "An eligible transaction is a purchase by an Epic Games account holder of a product priced at, or that adds up to when combined with another eligible product or products, $14.99 or more (or local currency equivalent)," Epic explain.

Deliver Us Mars is a sequel to Delver Us The Moon, which is also good, although you probably don't need to play the first to enjoy the latter. Here's what Katharine wrote about its climbing:

I reckon Lara Croft could stand to learn a thing or two from Deliver Us Mars on this front, as instead of spidering up each wall with a simple push of the analogue stick, Kathy must position each of her arms manually, anchoring her pickaxes into place with a pleasing thunk and squeeze of the trigger. Release those triggers too early and Kathy will fall to her doom - although generous checkpointing means very little is lost if you do happen to slip up.

Epic is always giving away one freebie or another, but they're typicall more obscure, older, or just plain worse than Deliver Us Mars. It's nice to have one worth your time.

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