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Sci-fi sequel Deliver Us Mars delayed until 2023

The space adventure had originally targeted September

Sci-fi puzzle adventure Deliver Us Mars has seen its launch window moved from September to next February. Devs KeokeN Interactive put out a statement crediting the delay to ensuring the game is “the best it can be”. The game was first revealed back in March, and then announced for a 2022 release in June.

Deliver Us Mars takes the combination of rocketry, climbing and puzzles to the Red Planet.

“Whilst we understand this news might be disappointing, we are excited for you all to face the challenges of Mars, traverse its hostile environments, and discover the mystery of the ARKs,” KeokeN said. “Your patience will allow us to deliver the best experience we can.”

Deliver Us Mars follows the story of Kathy Johanson, who – spoilers – was a little girl in previous game Deliver Us The Moon. Kathy is a bit taller now, so she’s off to Mars to tackle thieves who’ve stolen equipment needed to keep Earth from heading right into full-on climate collapse. You know, like real life. Along with saving the planet, she’ll be looking for signs of her missing dad. The Deliver Us games share rocket launches, puzzles and flying about in zero gravity, but Mars even has the option to indulge in some scuba diving.

Deliver Us Mars is now aiming to release on February 2nd, 2023 on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £25/$30/€30. In the meantime, you’ll be able to watch a new trailer at the Future Games Show during next week’s Gamescom.

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