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Narrative sci-fi adventure sequel Deliver Us Mars announced

On a stick?

2019's Deliver Us The Moon was set in a future where Earth was dependent on its grey satellite for energy, and you were sent to the Moon to discover who'd unplugged the juice. There's now a sequel on the way. Deliver Us Mars takes place ten years after the events of the original, but should offer similar third-person sci-fi storytelling - only now with seemingly higher production values, and a red planet to explore.

Here's the trailer, shown during tonight's Future Game Show:

Cover image for YouTube videoDeliver Us Mars | Reveal Trailer [PEGI]

This time, you're called to Mars by a distress signal, and head out to attempt to recover ARK colony ships stolen by "the mysterious Outward". That's what the Steam page says.

While this is a sequel, developers KeokeN say that the new game should stand alone, with a new protagonist and setting making it a suitable entry point to the series. That's good news. John quite enjoyed Deliver Us The Moon back in 2018, praising its story and action beats but finding fault and frustration in its clunkiness and its ending.

Deliver Us Mars should hopefully be a smoother experience. This sequel is being published by Frontier Foundry, the indie publishing label of Frontier Developments. Their last published game was the wonderful FAR: Changing Tides. Hopefully that means KeokeN can put more resources behind the game than they could with the Kickstarted original - it certainly looks it from the trailer.

There's no release date yet, but you can find more screenshots and a handful of details on its pages on Steam and at Epic's game store, the Epic Game Store.

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