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Finally finished, Deliver Us The Moon heads back into orbit today

Fly me to the moon, again

Deliver Us The Moon would quite like you to forget its initial launch entirely. While it was a promising - if incomplete - little space adventure back when it first launched in 2018, developers KeokeN Interactive weren't happy. Pulling the game from sale for three months, KeokeN been busy finishing up the game for a fresh start, applying a new coat of paint and plugging in an entirely new ending. Today, Deliver Us The Moon fired back into orbit, hoping to convince you to give it another shot.

They've also dropped that naff Fortuna bit from the name. Needless subtitles, aye? Get rid of 'em.

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Deliver Us The Moon has you jetting off to everyone's favourite haunted rock in the sky to investigate the violent disappearance of a lunar colony. It's the future, see, and we'd replaced all our power plants with nondescript moon energy. Through Tacoma-style holograms and good ol' fashioned environmental sleuthing, it's up to you to work out why everyone on the moon exploded.

John (RPS in peace) took a look at Deliver Us The Moon last time it tried this whole release thing. While some of the audiovisual polish (or lack thereof) betrayed the team's low budget, it was a deftly-told narrative adventure punching well above its weight. The ending might've been a little underbaked, but John's review noted that it shouldn't take away too much from a great - if unfinished - little adventure.

But this July, ten whole months after launch, KeokeN Interactive pulled a shocker. They'd removed the game from sale, claiming they weren't particularly happy with the game's delivery in September. They'd also signed on with publishers Wired Productions, who'd given them the support they needed to bring the game up to scratch.

Here's what KeokeN said at the time:

"Working with Wired has allowed us to go back and not only complete the DLC, but also bring a whole new level of polish to the game. We launched in 2018 as a way to survive and fund completing the game, and now we have Wired, we’re able to do that beyond what we had dreamed of. There isn't a big conspiracy behind this, we simply wanted to stop the sale of the game to prevent any more confusion."

This rerelease includes a suite of engine and performance updates. The Tombaugh Facility, which was meant to touch up the game's ending as free DLC, is now just a part of the complete package. This is still the same game, mind. If you have an existing save in an older edition, you should be able to pick up right where you left off.

If you picked up Deliver Us The Moon back in September 2018, congratulations! You'll not have to pay a penny, cent or regional equivalent. Otherwise, you can pick up your ticket to the moon on Steam and GOG for £18/€22/$22.

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