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Skipping Stones To Lonely Homes Is Smarter Than Us

Skipping Stones to Lonely Homes is a new game from indie designer Alan Hazelden. It's a puzzlescript puzzler, developed by Hazelden in the open-source engine, and it tells the story of a sailor - that's you - whose ship is damaged and must be repaired using items found on nearby islands. It also ranks in the top five games that use lilypads as a comprehensive game mechanic.

As you'll quickly find, these old islands have been bestowed with a hefty supply of two things and little else: giant lilypads and rocks which, when launched forward, create ripples that push the lilypads. You'll use these to traverse the islands. Don't mind the simple graphics, the game is still horrifyingly difficult in the face of total web browser minimalism.

Here are two Top Tips: Press Z to undo what your last move. You're going to make a lot of awful mistakes.

Hazelden is a prolific designer, although you may know him better as Draknek, a nomadic indie developer whose work includes abstract narrative robot game These Robotic Hearts of Mine and Tetris Fight Club. Check out his work in full here.

Big thanks to Gunpoint's Tom Francis for creating this helpful video:

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