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Soup's Up: Nom Nom Galaxy Released

Formerly PixelJunk Inc.

As far as I can tell, Nom Nom Galaxy [official site] is an unlicensed video game adaptation of The Clangers. Where did the Soup Dragon get all her delicious soup from? The answer, suggests Nom Nom Galaxy, is a sprawling underground complex of automated factories and defenses, teeming with drones doing her bidding.

The wildlife-juicing explore-o-build-a-craft-y-tower-defense formerly known as PixelJunk Inc. (and PixelJunk 1-6 before that) launched into Steam Early Access in March 2014, and finally left it to properly launch this week.

I do mean it about the soup, by the way. You'll be exploring alien planets in search of flora and fauna to turn into delicious soup on a mission to become the biggest space-soup company.

It's "a sandbox-styled mix of platforming, base building, tower defense, and good old fashioned monster-stomping!" say developers Q Games. "You'll create huge factory-bases where you'll experiment with tons of ingredients, make hundreds of types of soups to feed the galaxy, and rise in the ranks of the Soup Co.! Each planet will have its own challenges, from poisons gas to killer tomatoes." It's got four-player online co-op too.

A 20% launch discount for the first week brings it down to £5.59 on Steam. Have a launch trailer:

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