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Memories & Murderbots: Metal Gear Solid V Final Trailer


If you want to go in cold when Metal Gear Solid V [official site] lands next week, you probably shouldn't watch this brand new 'launch' trailer. In fact, you probably shouldn't even go anywhere near the discussion around it because as soon as I clicked through to Konami's YouTube page, I saw speculation and rumours that have now wormed into my brain. Of course, the whole thing might be a bait and switch, designed to provoke certain trains of thought so that the game can happily derail them as it twists and turns like a weird combination of M. Night Shyamalan and an Olympic high-diver.

Is it possible to go in cold at this stage though? We're all red hot, if we're interested in the slightest. It's below of you want it - a spectacular five minute burst of memories, melancholy and military murderbots.

Cover image for YouTube video

Alice is shouting: "holy heck that Metal Gear. Did you see its SWORDWHIP." I did see its swordwhip. "Holy heck" is about right.

We're not going to unpack all of the pre-release rumours now, mostly because I'm ill-equipped to do so, but we will have some authoritative words on why this is a very exciting thing indeed coming later this week. And then a final judgement on the game itself as soon as possible after release. It's easy to forget, when a game's launch is engineered as an event, that there's something to play at the back of it all. If the quality of the Ground Zeroes port carries through to The Phantom Pain, we should be in for a treat.

Whenever I think I'm immune to the bizarre bombast of Kojima's creations, I will remember this moment. And then I'll whisper, "holy heck. That certainly is a swordwhip."

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