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Conflicks Revolutionary Space Battles Is An RTS About Chickens

Enter the poultryverse.

Olympus Mons, Mars. The year is 1789. It's a time of musketeers and galactic hens.

Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles, which is hitting steam in just a week, is the story of strategy and physics and revolts and chickens. It takes place in a futuristic alternate history of the European Renaissance - a time period that combines the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries with absurdist sci-fi and the blending power of a Cuisinart. There's more information and a trailer below.

"A month before his death, Leonardo Da Vinci managed to decrypt ancient Alchemists’ secrets and succeeded to transmute egg yolk into Metamatter, a marvelous substance allowing to increase intellectual capacities and influence the space-time continuum," so says developer Artifice Studios. "The course of History would be changed forever."

So here's the idea: You pledge your allegiance to one of four possible factions and harvest metamatter in the name of your emperor. Alternatively, you go the Guevara route, joining the Chk'Rathii to lead the revolution against the poultry-hoarding galactic despots. You have access to dozens of ships, each of which has its own power-set that can be upgraded by accumulating Steam Achievements. You have a competitive multiplayer mode that puts your head-to-head against fellow galactic admirals. You have a chicken-heavy single-player narrative. Conflicks inhales the po-faced strategy of space warfare and exhales an intricate storyline about poultry-centric politics.

You may recognise Artifice Studio from its work on Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves, which released to Steam a few years back. This is the studio's second ever release, scheduled to hit on August 20th, but do clock yer eyes on this beauty of a trailer:

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