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The Witcher 3 Mod Tools Released

Get creative!

No massively intricate and complicated fantasy RPG is complete without spending four hours selecting the mods you want to layer on top of it first. CD Projekt Red know this and have just released The Witcher 3 [official site] mod tools in partnership with Nexus Mods. This means not only can you grab the tools from Nexus, but their mod manager - which has been a mainstay of Bethesda modding for years - now supports The Witcher 3 as well.

If all you want to do is get ready for the inevitable slew of quality content from the community and test out some early attempts, all you need is the Witcher 3 mod manager and then you're good to go looking for mods to install. Mods created before now using unofficial tools won't work with NMM though so you'll need to install them manually. Want to play around with something immediately? The four example mods, designed to teach creators the various things they can do in the modkit, have been released separately. One turns Roach (and all the other horses in the world) into a fabulous unicorn.

Those looking to get started changing things will want the modkit itself and should probably take a glance at the official forums. Not only will it serve as the discussion hub for customising The Witcher 3, but all the documentation and example mods have been released there as well. The Quick Guide To Witcher 3 Modding is a must read before you kick off and the sample mods walkthrough will take you through all your options.

I'm very much looking forward to what people manage to create. The Witcher 3 is fast developing into a platform that will provide multiple hundreds of hours of entertainment, between this, the various free updates, new game+ mode and the upcoming season pass DLCs.

Finished the game and, unafraid of spoilers, want to have a think about the plot? Rich Cobbett went over it for us last month.

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