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The Complex Combat Of Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Kingdom Come: Deliverance [official site] is a crowd-funding success story about hitting knights with swords in first person. It's aiming to be a realistic RPG, where levelling up and getting loot will help you out, but there will be no magic, no goblins and your skill with a sword will determine your fate more than your stat line. That combat has been detailed in a recent developer diary, which digs deep on not only the strive for realism but the serious challenges encountered on that path.

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It's a really interesting point made about not reacting in the same way or at the same speed when using a computer. There are groups of gamers who set their sites on realism as a requirement above all else. While I'm not one of them, I respect it as much as any other genre preference. But what about when that realism comes not only at the cost of a steep learning curve and harsh play experience but is actively impossible to implement because of the nature of the medium? That's a bit tougher to work around, though Warhorse Studios seem to be doing a pretty good job of it.

I also enjoyed the run-down of different systems they tried, and the behind the scenes look at what exactly the computer is doing whenever you go for a swing now. It's all lines, graphs and blocks of pretty colour to me, of course, but gosh it looks complicated. Well done, computers.

Kingdom Come is doing the Star Citizen post-Kickstarter thing, so if you want to get involved at this stage it's $50 for an alpha key.

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