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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is here, the weekend is here! And it's a long one here in England, giving some of us time to scale that extra large mountain, complete that extra large jigsaw puzzle, or drink that extra large glass of refreshing alcohol. Perhaps it might even give you enough time to finally play some of those extra large videogames. Here's what Team RPS are playing this week. Leave your own plans in the comments below.

Adam: I'll be playing catch-up. It's one of my favourite games - the one that involves digging into the backlog of things that people have recommended, either because they're interesting in and of themselves, or because they're the sort of things that I'll almost certainly react strongly to, one way or another. This weekend, it's time for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. I've managed to build a certain level of excitement about The Phantom Pain even though I have a love-hate relationship with the series. Ground Zeroes will be the litmus test - if the experimental stealth doesn't take my fancy in this self-contained replayable area, I'll probably struggle to enjoy it spread across tens of hours. Fingers crossed.
Alec: I'm playing horror adventure STASIS, which I'll tell you all about early next week. What I can say now is that an exciting Windows 10 graphics driver issue means it won't run on my main PC just yet, so I'm running it on my laptop and using Steam home streaming to make it appear on my main PC's big screen (it's easier than swapping monitor cables around, which is an odd moment of futureshock). It makes my laptop's fan run loud enough to deafen a DJ so I'm probably not having the deathly quiet, ominous experience intended. Time for some giant headphones, I guess.
Alice: I've hotfooted it down to The London this weekend (oh, just performed a DJ/VJ set with Cara at the V&A Museum last night, nbd), so I'll probably be playing things on my pocket telephone and whatnot. I really should have a crack at 80 Days but Desert Golfing is so pure and beautiful it's hard to resist when my finger's hovering over that games folder. That, or I'll spend my spare time in my beloved Ladies' Pond with my beloved Pond Ladies.
Graham: I have a tip-top secret game installed on my computer and I'm looking forward to playing that, but I'll also likely be poking around with Universe Sandbox 2. I enjoyed my time spent crashing galaxies together in the original and I'm hoping that the simulation has progressed to the point where I can hear the screams of planet earth's citizens as I cause them to be sucked, again and again, into the sun.
John: I keep making myself promises in this weekly column, that I never keep. I did manage half an hour of Darksiders II last weekend, but I'm not sure that counts. I feel like I'm just letting myself down with these hopes, when in reality I'm going to end up spending any spare hour I get sat in a coffee shop catching up on cryptic crosswords I missed over the week. The rest of the time will be spent chasing a crawling poo-monster and doing awful things like going to supermarkets and hanging out washing and what happened to me, why can't I be in my 20s any more, how am I nearly forty, help me someone help me.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing the game of fitting everything I might need for a day and an evening into a tiny purse because I am attending a wedding. I really like those weird real-life games of spatial organisation, though. It's how this was possible. It's also why my father still helps me move house; because he knows I'll have packed everything into modules that can be reoriented to fit into vans or car boots with ease. I'll probably also check out some more of the Ludum Dare entries if I have a sec.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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