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Evolve Update Adds New Hunter And New Maps

Evolve is... evolving?

Fresh out of the Evolve [official site] employment program for shooty dudes and aliens is Turtle Rock Studio's new Trapper class hunter, a term that in Evolve-speak refers to one of the four characters whose aim it is to slaughter the monster baddie. Meet Jack, a guy who refers to himself as The Jackal and likewise looks like he's just slipped out from Mad Max casting. It's some really neat character design.

Jack is available individually or as part of the $24.99 “Hunting Season 2″ season pass, which includes the Assault class Hunter Lennox, one new Monster, and two additional Hunter characters. His expertise is tracking. He uses a hacked survey satellite to locate enemies, duel wields pistols and can stop monsters in their tracks using repulsor gloves.

Also currently available is a free Arena Mode map known as Murder Pits - a kind of Roman-esque fighting stadium made up of a number of challenges. Jail houses will randomly free dangerous wildlife into the pit. Outhouse has players fight to control the high ground. Quarry carves out a tall, narrow enviromnet stacked with rooms. Saloom is made up of a series of rooms surrounding a deadly Tyrant pool. Laughter House contains two chambers that are separated by a wall that can only be opened by the Monster player.

The studio has also announced Hunt 2.0, which is an update to the game's hunt Mode and improves matchmaking and leaderboards.

You can check out Jack in action below.

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