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Rawr: Evolve And Killing Floor 2 Holding Trial Weekends

A double bill of monster-hunting FPS fun

Whether you want to be a monster or murder them this weekend, video games have you covered. Evolve [official site] and Killing Floor 2 [official site] are both holding free trial weekends on Steam right now, giving you until 9pm UK time on Sunday to play the full versions of the first-person shooters. As is customary, both of the games are on sale too, if you turn out to want them for ever and ever and ever until entropy tears Steam apart particle by particle and we all become nothing.

If you've been under a rock: Killing Floor 2 is a co-op wave survival FPS set around post-monster apocalypse Europe, though it's still in Early Access. Evolve, on the other hand, is a 4v1 FPS where four folks play monster hunters and the other controls a honking great monster out to devour wildlife and players alike to grow even bigger and nastier - a bit like a game focused around Left 4 Dead's tank, which is no surprise considering Evolve makers Turtle Rock created L4D. Here's what we made of Evolve.

You should have 'em in your Steam library waiting to be installed, or you can hit their Steam pages.

That's also where you'll find them on sale. Evolve is half-price, down to £12.49, while Killing Floor 2 knocks a third off to be £13.32.

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