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Evolve's New Hunter Is... Shocking

An '80s blast from the past

Evolve [official site] went free-to-play earlier this month, breathing new life into Turtle Rock Studios' 4 vs. 1 monster hunter. Riding that renewed wave of enthusiasm, Turtle Rock has added a new version of the hunter Griffin ripped straight from an '80s scifi flick—Electro Griffin.

Electro Griffin brings some major Tron vibes to Evolve, equipped with a submachine gun dubbed The Laser Storm. The weapon will handily slow your opponents. Electro's Electro Suit complements The Laser Storm, allowing the hunter to move at full speed while shooting.

To top off Electro Griffin's arsenal, we've got his harpoon gun, The Final Lockdown. Turtle Rock says the gun is "infused with face melting, chord ripping, riff shredding sonic disrupter energy." That sounds both incredibly violent and highly satisfying.

The new hunter has a few other tricks up his sleeve. Electro's Sound Spikes will reveal any Monster within a short radius. His Planet Scanner points the team in the direction of the Monster when activated, and Electro Griffin will get a brief speed boost, making him a pretty useful addition.

Electro Griffin is available now on PC, unlocked with Silver Keys earned in game or, if you're a Founder, you can play as Electro Griffin straight away. You can get Evolve: Stage 2 on Steam for free.

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