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New Hunter Lennox Headlines Evolve’s Hunting Season 2

Like the great playable beasts found within the game, Evolve [official site] is transforming into its second form. A second season pass's worth of DLC has been revealed, consisting of four additional hunters and one horrifying-looking monster. The first of these hunters is Lennox, the first female member of the Assault class, who fights in a battle suit she built out of scrap.

Lennox is due to arrive on June 23rd. You can buy her separately, or take a punt on the entire Hunting Season 2 pack, which will give you an exclusive extra skin for each of the hunters as well as the monster when they release. Each character will be delivered individually like this, with the whole gang convening by the start of next fiscal. That's April 2016, which means we could be seeing quite a protracted release schedule for this pack. Considering how much DLC has been allegedly planned for the game, just how many years worth of content are we looking at here?

You can get a sneaky look at what to expect from the other characters in this teaser trailer for Hunting Season 2. It's hard to make out much from the hunter silhouettes, but that monster looks like something out of Dead Space, which is never a bad thing if you ask me.

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If you’re interested in checking out Lennox's moveset, you’ll want to see this gameplay trailer. Try your best to ignore the bro-ness of the voice over and focus on Lennox's Thunderstrike leap attack and her Plasma Lance. Lennox is such a badass she’s the only character not to suffer from knockback from heavy monster attacks which, along with her ability to leap to the front line, compliments her melee attacks nicely.

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