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Pew Pew: Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron Mode

Zwap zwap

Twenty players will soar through the skies shouting "Zwap! Zwap!" and making noises like a trumpeting elephant driving a car on wet pavement (true story) in Star Wars Battlefront [official site], backed up by more AI ships, in the newly-announced Fighter Squadron mode.

EA teased the mode recently, but at Gamescom this morning gave Fighter Squadron the old reveal-o treatment with a trailer and details and all those things. Sadly, no one ran around on stage with their arms swept back like an A-Wing making zapgun noises.

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The competitive mode sees two teams in ships zipping around trying to blow each other up and score the most points. Bonus objectives, like attacking or defending the Imperial shuttle in this trailer, will give bonus points. Ships have lasers and missiles, and Imperial vessels get a speed boost ability while Rebels can pop a shield. Maps will also have powerups, from basics like ship repairs and missile cooldown boosts to turning you into 'Hero' ships - Han Solo's Millennium Falcon or Boba Fett's Slave-1. Check the announcement for more deets.

Star Wars Battlefront is due on November 17th.

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