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Blasted: Star Wars Battlefront Dogfighting Mode Teased

Pew pew

Star Wars Battlefront's [official site] newly announced team deathmatch Mode goes by the name of Blast and pits 10 against 10 in hot rebel v. empire close-quarter action, according to details coming down from on high by way of Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall. It's one of two modes EA's alluded to in the run up to Gamescom - The other is something they're keeping relatively mum about: X-Wing dogfights, or, well possibly.

EA took to Facebook to sort-of-mention-but-not-properly-announce a dogfighting mode named Fighter Squadron through a short trailer. But don't expect any more info until EA's Gamescom event which takes place on Wednesday at 9am UK time.

I say that, they have recently confirmed a different new mode over on the game's official site. "Blast" is essentially a short-burst kill-em-up: the winning team is determined by either reaching 100 kills or just by ending the 10-minute round ahead of their opposition.

Which means, in beauteous list format, the confirmed game modes for Star Wars Battlefront are as follows:

Walker Assault
Fighter Squadron
Blast Mode
Drop Zone

The game's scheduled to hit this November, but expect more info this week.

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