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Star Wars Battlefront Launches Offline/Co-op Skirmish

Zwap zwap

The dream is to boldly go where no one has gone before but what if you arrive in a galaxy far, far away to find Rando Calrissian, Han Rando, and co. are already there all boisterous-like? Mate, that's not on. Good news: Star Wars Battlefront [official site] has added Skirmish mode to let folks enjoy big starbattles on their lonesome in Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron levels. It brings AI bots to fill out teams so you can play by yourself offline or together with a pal in online co-op. Make it so.

The July Update launched overnight, adding Skirmish mode and bringing a load of fixes and balance tweaks. Do get stuck into those patch notes if you want specifics on numbers and values and percentages.

What's Skirmish mode actually like? Dunno! The folks of cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer played a little during the Star Wars Summer Holiday Special last weekend, and our pals at Eurogamer have had a crack too. They seem to like it? It's a pleasant addition? One with no downsides? Nice, cool, it's here now? Okay? Any more questions, Alice? No? Then let's shuffle away, shall we?

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