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Where 'Splosions Come From: Just Cause 3 Dev Vid


You know how Just Cause 3 [official site] has all those huge explosions which destroy vehicles and buildings and everything? Well, you may be surprised to learn that developers Avalanche Studios have actually not created a teeny little diorama of model village houses and firecrackers inside your seeing box. Instead, they use a modern gadget known as a 'computer' to... ah... I think they record the destruction in a model village and broadcast it via satellite link?

Clearly, I am not the one to explain how they do it. For that, you'll want to watch a new trailer which dedicates four and a half minutes to the topic of smashing stuff real good:

Watch on YouTube

I think I've got it. Roland Lesterlin plays Rico and they bluescreen him... no, no I've not got it at all. However they do them, those are nice explosions, aren't they?

Just Cause 3 is slated to launch on December 1st, published by Square Enix.

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