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Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 has begun

Hide your glitches

Get your speedrunning shoes on and prepare your glitches: Awesome Games Done Quick has arrived for its yearly speedrunning extravaganza. As with previous years, the charity event is raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It's been live since yesterday evening and runs until this Sunday, and there are already some fab runs in the likes of Mirror's Edge and Dragon Age: Origins to catch up on.

If you've missed the first day of AGDQ, not to worry, the stream VODs are already up on Twitch for your viewing pleasure. These include speedy playthroughs of Mirror's Edge (which are always impressive), Just Cause 3, and Ori And The Will Of The Wisps amongst a couple other PC games.

So far I've only had a chance to watch the Dragon Age: Origins run myself. I love speedruns of BioWare games because the runners get to miss out all the rubbish bits - like the dreaded Fade and Orzammar levels. This runner simply teleports his way through multiple walls to get to the final couple of levels. Bliss.

Some speedruns that caught my eye coming up later today include Yooka Laylee And The Impossible Lair, Sonic Mania and Skyrim. Then in the early hours of Tuesday morning there'll be some Dishonored 2 and Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Wednesday has a cheeky Hades run, and later in the week we'll see some Half-Life, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Celeste (played with dance pads no less) and tons more.

For those interested in some non-PC bits, I heartily recommend the PS2 Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando run on Wednesday, and the PS2 TimeSplitters 2 run on Friday. Those games are always good fun to watch. There are plenty of Zeldas and Marios to watch during the week too if Nintendo stuff is more your thing.

Catch all of this live over on the GQQ Twitch channel between now and Sunday the 10th of January. Check out the event website for the full schedule.

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