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Just Cause 4 officially announced, shows wild weather

Launch myself into a tornado? Sure!

As if swinging from hostile helicopters on a grappling hook, gliding around on a wingsuit, and causing so very many explosions weren't dangerous enough for Rico Rodriguez, in Just Cause 4 he'll also be fighting through tornadoes, sandstorms, and blizzards. Publishers Square Enix today formally announced Avalanche Studios' next explosive sandbox, surprising no one after recent leaks, and it looks nifty. The storms in Avalanche's Mad Max were astonishing, and I'm certainly up for launching myself into a tornado. Watch the announcement trailer below.

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Just Cause 4 sends Rico to rumble with the Black Hand, mercenaries he's fought in the first and third games. It'll have four biomes--rainforest, grasslands, alpine, and desert--for Rico to run, drive, fly, and murder across, each with their own special weather hazards.

This video has developers talking about exciting things like even more features and nuance for the grappling hook, so Rico can dick about even more and cause even better disasters with the cables.

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Just Cause 4 is slated to launch via Steam on December 4th.

Avalanche are awfully busy these days, also working on Rage 2 with Id Software as well as their own roboshooter Generation Zero. The company's just been bought too.

Check out our E3 2018 tag for more announcements, trailers, news, and goodness knows what else.

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