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H1Z1 Invitational Set For TwitchCon, You Can Join In

Loads of streamers will be there, and possibly you.

H1Z1 [official site] is to hold its first official tournament on September 26th at TwitchCon, the streaming service's new event highlighting their community and broadcasters. It will use the Battle Royale mode, where groups of players are dropped into a world and then must duke it out until only one or a small group remains, like The Hunger Games with zombies. Or like Battle Royale with zombies, I guess.

Surviving means prizes, and here it will be share of a real-money pool funded by cosmetic purchases within the game, similar to Valve's International funding. Various famous streamers have been invited and a social media competition is running to let members of the public get involved too. The announcement trailer and details are below.

Watch on YouTube

The developers have written up instructions on how you can join the Invitational on their site. Essentially you post on Twitter using #H1Z1Contest and @H1Z1game, explaining why you "are a #BRbadass." You can already view some 500+ entries and vote on whether they're good or bad. Most of them are very, very bad. Photos, videos or short stories seem to be welcome and it's all about who can make the most imaginative post and get the most eyes on it.

The full list of invited players and what you can get out of the crate is on the official announcement post. Naturally it'll all be streamed live and it has potential to be an interesting watch, being a quite different sort of competitive play than we're used to - large, flexible teams on bigger maps with a theme of outlasting one-another rather than going for the throat. And betrayal. Lots and lots of betrayal.

You can grab H1Z1, which is still in endless open world zombie survival Early Access, on Steam for £14.99/$19.99, though it'll be free when it comes out. Alec liked it despite himself when it launched in January and the game seems to have improved a lot since then. It's also sold quite a bit.

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