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Grandia II Revamped & Rereleased In Anniversary Edition

15 years old

As far as I can see, the only mention on RPS of vintage JRPG Grandia II is in an interview with the makers of Child of Light. I can't say I've played it myself, but I have heard folks talk warmly about it. It you missed it back during the early noughties, hey, don't worry - that port was a little wonky anyway, and you can catch it now.

Game Arts' RPG has now returned as Grandia II: Anniversary Edition [official site], tarted up a little for modern PCs and whatnot.

Publishers GungHo Online Entertainment explain that the Anniversary Edition brings:

"PC rendering improvements (anti-aliasing)
PC resolution and aspect ratio support
Enhancements to textures, lighting, and shadows
Shadow and lighting improvements
Gamepad/controller support (along with keyboard)
New difficulty level (Hard Mode)
Steam trading cards and achievements
Option to toggle between English or original Japanese voices"

Aye, sure, those are good things to have in an updated version. It doesn't look massively different, but this is only an update, not a remake, so cool your jets.

Grandia II is out on Windows through Steam for £11.24, thanks to a 25% launch week discount, but only £9.69 through GOG. Only you know how much you value Steam achievements and trading cards.

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