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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


The weekend is upon is; ready thyself. What are you playing this weekend between your raves, book readings, park wanderings, working, building, and destroying? If you need a little inspiration, here's what Team RPS are playing:

Alec: I'm back in The Witcher 3, primarily to sniff around all that free DLC for a piece published yesterday, but now I can see all those question marks on the map and unfinished quests in my journal and I could really do with a posher doublet and aargh. Geralt of Rivia, you have me again. Then tomorrow I'm visiting a chum's new house, and I'm hoping we might get to take the controversial new Warhammer rules for a spin and see if they're as preposterously dim as Captain Internet loudly claims. This is presuming he'll lend me an ogre or two,as all my Chaos Daemons went to eBay during a recent house move, which I of course entirely regret now.
Alice: Inspired by Alec, I'll be dropping back into The Witcher 3. I've a new episode of Tales from the Borderlands to dig into too. And I might revisit Live Is Strange Episode 4 to gather my thoughts and have a chat with Pip that's more than half burbling, half grunting. I've barely touched Itch.io's new releases this week, so I'll treat myself to a good root around.
Graham: We're at the top of a long flume called 'Release Season' and, unusually, I find myself excited. That's in large part because the first spiral of the flume is called Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I drifted away from the series after the first MGS and only came back with Ground Zeroes, but that game was good enough to pique my interest. I've spent the past week re-playing it, completing its alternate missions in the small detention camp in which its set while dreaming of the larger world that awaits in just ten days time, I'll keep doing so over the weekend; I'm looking for some C4 I can strap to a guard.
John: This weekend I shall actually be playing some games! My wife's going out all Saturday afternoon with the boy, so I'll be able to just... to just... play stuff!

So then what? I'm not sure I want it to be a work thing, even though I need to get back to GRAV (which, as much as it looks like it, isn't a typo of GTA V), and oh dear me what happened to that poor Neverwinter Nights 2 playthrough? And goodness me, I've such a backlog of new releases I'd promised myself I'd look at. But maybe I want to sit with something classic, that I love. Writing about Beyond Good & Evil has me wanting to play that yet again. But I'm also dying for another play of Tomb Raider Legend. And I want to start The Darkness II again!

So in the end I'll probably get absorbed in some silly discussion on IM and watch YouTube until I hear the front door and realise I've wanted the entire opportunity.

Philippa: This weekend is the first weekend I've had at home for a very long time. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with it in terms of gaming, to be honest. There's some freelance work to polish off and I'm feeling a bit burnt out and exhausted. I might skip PC gaming entirely and read Sandman and play Destiny instead.

But you, dear reader, what are you playing?

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