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Get Lorey: Might & Magic Heroes VII Out September 29th

The series turns 20

Might & Magic Heroes VII [official site] is launching September 29th, so sayeth Ubisoft from on high. A second closed beta phase is scheduled to start August 26th in the interim period, running for about a week until September 2nd and letting players try out previously unavailable factions. These are the fan-voted factions, the Sylvan and Dungeon, the result of a voting session that began last year and perhaps a solid name for a pub.

The game, if you'll remember with me, was first announced last year: the story of some fantasy king who does some stuff and then there are factions and crazy stuff happens! As Limbic Entertainment's Stephan Winter explained at the time: "Basically, our goal is to take the best out of the previous Heroes titles and build Heroes VII from there. Of course we’re also bringing in new features or new ideas without compromising the spirit of Heroes, such as more interactions on the Adventure Map allowing more strategies."

The old girl, who's heading toward her 20th birthday, is now available for pre-order.

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