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Hylics Is Basically Videodrome: The Game

What a thing!

God, just look at this game. Like a scene from Bosch by way of Videodrome, Hylics [official site] is a weird, 2D game from indie developer Mason Lindroth - a familiar face on the Ludum Dare scene. I'll be honest with you, I haven't got a clue what's going on in it. Hylics, the Greek word referring to matter but possibly having nothing to do with the game whatsoever, is described by Lindroth as "a recreational program with light JRPG elements" and is basically a malaria dream about sausages or something.

The trailer is fascinating. "Somsnosa unleashed a mini leech!" reads random text displayed after a bit of animated meat implodes I think. "Wayne uses frozen burrito! Cone Cultist A Took 40 Damage!" reads another. Watch below.

Lindroth is likely best known for his work on a Ludum Dare entry called Beachcomber, a game that involves combing a beach with a metal detector and which features multiple possible endings that invariably include kaiju brains. The game shares the Apple II-style visuals of Hylics, a lovely stylistic calling card throughout all his work. You can read about Beachcomber here, and download Hylics for $3 over here.

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