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Ride A Surreal Metro In Subway Adventure

Tickets please!

Leaving from the hospital, I hopped on the metro's blue Trek line, planning to change at College. A passenger rudely blocked me from getting off, so I had to continue on to Climbing Wall then double back, dashing down to the dock to catch the boat connection to the green Apollo line, awkwardly barging past a weeping man holding a bouquet of red roses, and soon I found myself at my destination: on the platform in the gaping mouth of a vast baleen whale.

I've been riding the rails in Subway Adventure [official site], Stephen 'increpare' Lavelle's fine new free game about exploring the Dream World of Sadness Metro.

Some stops are more fantastical than others. Along your travels, you might see smoggy suburbs, glitchspaces, voids, a space station, and other oddities - including your fellow passengers. They range from literal forklifts to skeletons, and can be a little rude. Several times, I've missed my stop because someone blocked the door or couldn't get on because a smoking orb was warbling at me.

Cities can be confusing and hostile places.

I don't want to show you too much but here, check out a few of its 48 stations - I still have another 20 to reach myself, says my ticket record:

Yes, this is a tapir:

Have a good stare and you'll figure out... well, some of what's going on here:

You can indeed climb this wall:

I've left some of the weirder ones out. Have a gander at the map and see if you can imagine what you'll find:

Subway Adventure is free to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you dig weird train journeys, do also check out Endless Express, another free game about traversing trainlines - with the added complication of trains running to real-time schedules.

[Disclosure: I know Stephen a little. I haven't seen him much since I neglected to water a friend's plants while they were away, and killed a huge basil Stephen had left in their care. Sorry.]

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