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Rocket League's Best Replays, Videos And GIFs

Better Than The Premier League

Rocket League [official site] is RPS's Game of the Month for August, and part of the reason why is that it's almost as fun to watch as it is to play. That's why we wanted to highlight the best Rocket League players and plays. I've searched the highs and lows of the internet for skilled backflips, astonishing saves, one of a kind goals and the best of the best are below. Also featuring: some incredible full matches and the one "oh look how bad we are" video that actually managed to make me laugh.

The guidelines for receiving an accolade in one of our ten categories are as follows:

  • You must be a gif or video
  • Said gif or video must be of the video game known as Rocket League
  • Said gif or video of the mentioned video game Rocket League must be rad as hell
  • No Trincas

You can click on everything to make it bigger. If the gifs aren't loading in the correct size, give them a second and they should snap to the window. If they don't, the click-through version will be fine.


The Actual Rocket Award

via Redditor klutez

Our first award is dedicated to just going for it. Jump off that wall. Go for that goal. Have that third cupcake - you deserve it and, once in about thirty thousand tries, it'll pay off. So long as you're in a jet powered car, anyway. Won't that make it harder to eat the cupcake? Life is hard, kids.

The That's What The Walls Are For Award

via Redditor GlapLaw

Remember, ramped walls are never just for show. If you see them anywhere - and we mean anywhere - it's your duty to attempt some sort of sick play involving them. We have eyes everywhere and we'll know if you don't. GlapLaw sets a fine example.

The Ronda Rousey Award For Best Singles Match

Cover image for YouTube video

Our first pro play recommendation comes from Kronovi, aka camgears on Twitch and stevebills on YouTube. He's one of the better players out there and will feature later on as well. This is from towards the launch of the game but the play displayed on both sides is still incredible. Good research for your own improvement as well, as Kronovi regularly explains his moves.

The 'I Got This' Award

via Redditor DoThatMakeSense

This might be the best deliberate play in our collection, and a valuable lesson: impossible situations only seem that way if you haven't considered doing an aerial backflip in your car. Preferably while screaming an appropriate soundtrack to yourself. Try it next time there's a traffic jam or queue at the cupcake shop.

The 'I Meant That' Award

via Redditor Rythes

A partner to our previous award for obvious reasons, take a peak at the timer to see why this is some [begin niche joke here] Unreal Tournament 2004 Double Domination DOM-Conduit last second save bullshit [end niche joke]. I'm angry just looking at it, though do enjoy the classy that-was-close freeze frame.

The Tag Team Championship For Best Doubles Match

Cover image for YouTube video

The second pro-vid comes from the SubParButInHD youtube channel, who've been creating some of the better Rocket League content. It's a 2v2 by one of their members against a team containing Gibbs, a highly skilled player who will show up again later on. SubPar have put out loads of other videos, but here's the start of their tutorial series if you're looking to get better.

The You Tried Intermission Ceremony

via Redditor Mc_Smack

There are a lot (a lot) of videos out there of whole teams flubbing it in the most marvellous of manners. Even more than there are lucky shots and skilled plays, probably because the vast majority of every playerbase is beyond terrible at the game they play. The above is the best of them on the criteria of making me laugh every time. An honourable mention to theWishyWasher.

The Beast Mode Award

via Redditor Craizinho

There's no I in team, but if you have this guy with you that's because you won't personally need to do anything. Again, the details make this - if the ball touches the ground at any point in that last five seconds, it's game over and a 2-1 victory for the opposing team. Go coast to coast, young fella.

The Marvel vs. Capcom Award

via Redditor Craizinho

Great players never stay grounded. The future of the future of sports is airborne, assisting one another to score from a lob hit somewhere around your own goal-line. I feel like perfecting this tactic won't win many games, but will make you the coolest kids around. Consider it.

The 'But Is It A Sport?' Award For Best 3v3 Match

Cover image for YouTube video

Our last pro play, last video and last highlight is this fantastic pair of games from the finals of one of the first tournaments ran for the game, featuring Kronovi and Gibbs from previous videos. It features exemplary team play, incredible personal skill and good work on both ends of the field. I knew years of slowly imbibing football commentary clichés would come in handy! Praise Rocket League: the phrasebook intensifier. Gibbs' youtube channel has more highlights you may be interested in.

And there you have it.

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