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Mutant Football League Is Coming To PC

From Mega Drive to PC.

Digital Dreams Entertainment has come out with early pre-alpha footage for a little game called Mutant Football League [official site]. Remember Mutant Football League? Memories of it are likely to be lingering way back in the dusty recesses of your brain. It originally released on the Mega Drive in the early '90s and has had a couple iterations over the years, although never on PC. This latest version of Mutant League is currently being built in Unity for both PC and consoles and the first video is below.

I'll admit that my memories of the series tend to blur with Games Workshop's American football parody Blood Bowl, but often I'll still get momentary flashbacks to an old TV show called Mutant League. You can tell if its image is passing through my mind by whether or not I'm screaming.

The new game offers four player multiplayer - both on and offline - and together you lay out traps and use dirty tricks to annihilate your opposition in the holy name of Maximum Carnage. Alas, there's still no release date to announce; however, if you're in the surrounding area of PAX Prime you can check it out first hand. In the meantime, take a gander at this here modern-day Mutant League Football.

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