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Kick off: Mutant Football League leaves early access

Footy Footy Football

Mutant Football League, which released yesterday, has a pretty liberal definition of the word 'mutant'. The launch trailer features skeletons, robots, aliens and orcs having at it on the hallowed turf, but there's not a mutant in sight. Not that I'm complaining: the more varied the MFL competitors the better, I say. Ohhh, 'MFL'. I see what they did there now.

You can click through to see the trailer for yourself, which features a copious amount of skeleton slaying, orc obliterating and alien annihilating for what I'm sure is supposed to be a non-violent sport.

Mutant Football League takes normal american football and swaps out the humans for monsters - along with all the rules about 'not summoning a demonic basilisk to tear apart the enemy team'. If there's one thing the original sport lacked, it's the ability to electrocute a horde of skeletons while charging down the straight for a touchdown. Am I using the football words right? I've just watched 10 minutes of game footage, so I'm going to answer my own question with an authoritative 'yes'. You can't stop me, this is my news post. I know exactly what the commentator means when he says "The quarterback threads the needle for a first down" and you can't prove otherwise.

Aside from the teams, the pitches themselves sound like the stars of the show. Digital Dreams Entertainment boast that there are 18 unique playfields, each filled with "diabolical and dangerous traps and hazards -- including explosive landmines, buzz saws, toxic moats, lava flows, and crazed fans cheering on their favorite murderous squad". Now you're talking my language.

The game's been in the pipes for the past three years, after a Kickstarter campaign that saw it shoot past it's $60,000 target and stretch goals to reach $138,000. Digital Dreams are pumping that money into post-launch features, and say the'll focus on "adding competitive play features and tools to allow players to create their own content" in the months to come.

Mutant Football League is available on Steam for £18.99/€22.99/$24.99.

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