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Rocket League Adding Weirder Fields, Talking About Mods


Rocket League [official site] is our current Game of the Month, which means we really, really like it and we think you might too, because playing ballsports with rocket-powered cars is a right lark. But what does the future hold for futuresports?

Developers Psyonix are already working on maps that are more exotic and unusual than flat fields, and seem to have plans afoot for some sort of modding or user-generated content.

Psyonix's previous carfooty game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, included arenas with all sorts of lumps, bumps, ramps, and other layout quirks, but so far Rocket League has played on regulation rocketcar pitches. Not for much longer. Psyonix president Dave Hagewood told cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer that they're "absolutely, absolutely, absolutely" looking to give Rocket League odder maps too:

"We wanted to start with the standard fields this time because we wanted to make sure everyone understood what the base game was, how we see the standard Rocket League experience being. We also wanted to promote competitive play in the game, and people who want extremely balanced competitive play and ranked modes and things like that, without adding a lot of extra noise. But we know the majority of players aren't super competitive, they just want to have a good time—and we have a great time with the crazy different maps and so on. So we already have some of those in production to roll out later on."

As for modding, Hagewood says:

"We're talking about it. One of the challenges is because we're cross-play, and the cross-play means everything has to be updated on both the PC and the PlayStation version. So that's a big challenge. I can’t go into it, but we're already working out some really interesting ideas on how we can start working with modders and user-generated content."

I predict Steam Workshop carhats.

Go on, go read the rest at PC Gamer. I hear this month's issue of the fanzine has an interview with Dave Tosser and comes with funky pin badges declaring your allegiance to "TEAM ALEC", "TEAM JIM", or "TEAM JOHN". Kieron Gillen can be found loitering in your local branch of WHSmith forcing people to accept his own "TEAM KIERON" badges.

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