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Reboot: Otherlands MMO Finally Drawing Near

Steam Early Access next week

Sci-fi novel series-turned-MMO Otherland [official site] has been stuck in limbo since 2010 when a release date came and went without so much as a faint rustling of tumbleweeds in the games media world. So what's going on exactly?

After getting a second temporary release date back in 2012, which once again passed us all by, Otherland is going for a release date announcement hat-trick. It's now scheduled to launch on Steam as an Early Access release on August 26th.

This comes after a shuffle behind-the-scenes in which the game's original developer RealU passed the reigns over to a Polish studio by the name of Drago Entertainment. ReulU appear to now be defunct, with Drago left to reboot the game on the Unreal engine. They plan to release it properly in early 2016, following about six months in Early Access.

Based on the "cyberpunkian Lord of the Rings" book series by Tad Williams, Otherland is a mash-up abstract sci-fi visuals with more traditional fantasy MMO guff, as well as some entirely abstract things. Crazy whirling fly-through trailer details all this, below:

Cover image for YouTube video

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