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Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Releasing Sep 9th

2 Lovers, 2 Dangerous

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime [Official Site] is a co-op "micro-platformer" set inside a glowing pink spaceship. You, alone or with a friend, must run around different consoles within the ship to alternately steer, fire lasers or arm shields against an onslaught of alien attackers. It is beautiful, surprisingly difficult, and a new trailer below let's us know that it'll be released on September 9th.

Here's the trailer:

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The game has been in production for some time - we last wrote about it in 2012 - and has been floating around at game events and competitions in that time, which gave me the opportunity to play it a couple of years ago. It already looked and sounded great, but too often the fun and frantic panic it wanted to inspire tipped over towards frustration at the seemingly impossible odds you were facing. If the final version is just a little easier, or just a little slower to ramp up however, then I'm keen to play it. Games about multiple players controlling the same machine have so much potential, as per the recent and free Regular Human Basketball.

Lovers is being made by Asteroid Base, whose previous project was free game jam game Shuriken Skies, a competitive multiplayer game about people falling from a plane and fighting for the only parachute. One of Asteroid Base's founders however is Matt Hammill, who previously made delightful "booger-flinging action-puzzle game" Gesundheit!. It only ever got a full release on iOS, but an initial prototype was released on PC. The soundtrack is lovely.

(Disclosure: while writing this post I searched my email and discovered that in 2010 Matt Hammill gave me his two tickets to TIGJam UK. I had completely forgotten this happened.)

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