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Heart Of The Storm: Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

Space does not love you and it never will, which is why it's very important to take a lover with you if you ever leave Earth. With no horizon in sight, you'll be more appreciative of a warm embrace than ever before. Don't believe the heavily embellished erotic enterprises of the universe's Kirks. An alien is more likely to make love by ingesting you into its gargantuan crystal nostrils and then digesting you in a razorblade skull cavity than by fluttering its eyelashes and beckoning you to something resembling an ordinary earthbed*. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is made of truth. It is a co-op 'micro-platformer' about two people surviving the perils of space together. Admire its first trailer below.

I do like Game titles that could easily belong to post-rock bands. Oh, and the actual running around a spaceship and trying not to die looks great as well. Like an action-focused two player FTL, or Space Alert on a screen, cutting straight to the panicked finale. The art style is gorgeous - a bit like a more colourful Samurai Jack in space - and I approve of the message that love can defeat asteroids and aliens. For about two minutes.

You can download Asteroid Base's previous multiplayer game for free. It's called Shuriken Skies and is much less co-operative, in that it involves 2-4 people plummeting from a plane and fighting over a single parachute.

*the bed has lurid purple bedsheets and slightly irregular pillows to demonstrate that it is most certainly not an ordinary earthbed

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