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Gongs: BAFTA Video Game Award Winners

Games had their BAFTAs tonight - the British equivalent of the Oscar (in the same way as Diggerland is the British equivalent of Disney World) - and prizes were awarded. It's super-fabbo that BAFTA recognises games in this way. As much as I've written stupid things all the way through this, it's a mark of legitimacy that is welcome. But who won what, you demand to know, slamming your fist down on the table, scaring a child. For goodness sake, calm down. They're below.

The esteem in which they're held.

I don't know how to tie a bowtie, so I wasn't there this evening. But by the magic of copying it off another website, I'm able to provide you all the winners. (Not literally, of course - despite appearances, I'm not a shop.) Red Dead Redemption is conspicuous in its absence, but it seems this may be because of a temper tantrum Rockstar have thrown after GTA IV didn't win anything last year, meaning they refused to enter RDR this year. Well, that's what people have told GI.biz, anyway. I imagine they'd be the people to sue were that not true.

Anyhow, games that you can play on PC gave a fair showing. So... /rustles envelope.

Bestest Game Of Them All:

Mass Effect 2

Most Actiony:

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Artistic Achievement Award For Artisting:

God of War III

Game That Doesn't Have Heads Getting Chopped Off:

Kinect Sports

What The Hell Is "Gameplay" Award For Gameplay:

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Most Handheld:

Cut the Rope

Most Average Multiplayer Apparently Because Good Grief:

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

The Not Much Good For The GOTY Box Quote Award For Original Music:

Heavy Rain

Aaron Sorkin's Social Network Game:

My Empire


F1 2010

The Oh Phew This One Is Useful Award For Story:

Heavy Rain

The Civilization Award For Strategy Games Called Civilization:

Civilization V

The Wow Actually Let's Put The Music One On The Box Too Because Now It's A List Award For Technical Innovation:

Heavy Rain


Battlefield: Bad Company: 2

BAFTA Ones To Watch Award in association with Dare to Be Digital, Where The Other Two Finalists Were Called Mush And Sculpty:


The One Voted For By The Weirdo Public:

Call of Duty: Black Ops

BAFTA Academy Fellowship For Being In Your 50s And Still Working:

Peter Molyneux

Jubilant winners at the BAFTAs celebrate in style.

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