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Aliens On A Plane: First Prey 2 Trailer

The first Prey 2 trailer has dribbled onto the internet, like a splodge of molten entertainment. You'll find it contained after the jump, but be forewarned- it's an entirely live action affair, containing actual humans actually reacting to imaginary stuff. Thanks to RPS reader Gabe "Fear Factory" McGrath for sending this in.

EDIT: Oh, snap! This isn't useless at all. It corroborates what Kotaku was saying about you playing not a Native American, but a Federal Marshal, and if that's true- well, in the same post Kotaku say Prey 2 will be an open-world game with you playing a bounty hunter on an alien planet. This game just got very interesting. More details after the jump.

Previous Cynicism recorded for posterity:

What do these actual people actually tell us? Well- that there will be ALIENS in Prey 2. Also, their spacecraft. Which is a bit like saying there will be guns in it, or walls, or a main menu. Me, I'd be much more interested to hear about what they're doing with the mad Cherokee mythology of the first game, or its physics-rending alien tech (click here to watch how Prey ended). C'mon, Human Head!

Tell you what, this video would be a lot more interesting if Prey 2 hadn't been announced already, huh? We could have had fun speculating on the alien design, thinking it was a teaser for Half-Life: Episode 3, getting disappointed when we realised it was Prey, the whole bit. What a shame.

But really, this live-action short matches everything Kotaku posted about the game, which is that it'll tell the story of the original game from a different perspective, and that that perspective will belong to a US Federal Marshal who quickly gets transported to an alien planet where he works as a bounty hunter with "multiple ways to complete each objective."

Kotaku also say this: "We don't know much more about the game, but we were told that one twist to the first-person shooter mechanic is the ability to grip ledges for cover and a heavy emphasis on platforming."

Heh. Did this game just get catapulted up into "One to watch" for anybody else?

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