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Prey For Rune 2

With official confirmation still lacking as to whether Prey 2 is currently bleeding out by the bins out the back of Bethesda HQ or if the great hunt will yet continue, one of the many additional questions is what might become of developer Human Head. Sounds like they're pondering a resurrection of their first game, viking-based brawler Rune. The 2000 Unreal-powered stabbing'n'jumping title is, apparently, a "cult hit classic", and its official Facebook page has raised the possibility of it getting the sequel treatment.

In this age of crowd-power and given the possible kicking to the curb of Prey 2 by a big publisher, it's hard not to chin-scratch about whether they'll go down the Kickstarter route for this. But that is pure speculation. All we do know for now is that the Facebook page is seeking fan-input as to what they'd ideally like to see from a possible sequel - what platforms, whether brutality is better than roleplaying and if Cuthbert D. Tulip would be an appropriate name for a viking hero. You can answer these questions here.

I just gunned up the demo of Rune, which I'd missed at the time, and while it's not screaming invaluable classic at me it seems like a cheerful romp of violence, magic and puzzling. Not sure it quite falls into the 'ooh, they don't make 'em like they used to' mindset that's fuelled so many old-school resurrections these past few months, but I can totally see the appeal of meatheaded viking violence as a more playful contrast to Stern-Jawed Manshooter 4: Combat War.

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