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That's Gas: SpaceChem Available On Steam

As long as we're talking superfine indie games, SpaceChem, the finest puzzle game 2011's seen to date (and arguably the finest indie game, too) has arrived on Steam. Anyone who hasn't yet tried the demo (available in Windows, Mac and Linux flavours) should physically drop what they're doing to do so immediately. Yes, even if it's tea. I don't care if it's tea and you're drinking it directly above your child. What's your child doing there! Download this demo!

What are you even doing here? Look, have you read my Wot I Think yet? It goes like this:

A friend of mine once pointed out to me that good puzzle games make you feel smart, and the best puzzle games provide a sort of double-blow whereby first of all you feel smart, and then you’re filled with a feeling of respect for how smart the puzzle itself was.

By this criteria, SpaceChem could be the best puzzle game I’ve ever played. You never stop feeling awed by the game’s design, and when you complete a level you feel like some kind of floating, untouchable genius, not fit to eat the food of mortals. On the subject of eating, some of SpaceChem’s more challenging levels taught me that it is, in fact, possible to think yourself sick. I was so involved in these puzzles and found each breakthrough so rewarding yet so utterly draining that I started to feel nauseous. How’s that for a sales pitch?

And, because I've got nothing left to give, here's the trailer again.

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