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Humble Android Bundle #3 Is For PC, Mac, Linux Too

After a brief foray into the world of music, the Humble folks are back with their third Android bundle. Which is also a PC, Linux and Mac bundle too. Buy them, and you'll get versions for each. In there this time are BIT.TRIP.BEAT, Fieldrunners, SpaceChem, Uplink and for those who pay above the average, début release Spirits. So that's quite an... wait, what, Uplink's out on Android!

BIT.TRIP.BEAT is obviously a bit of an oldie, originally released in 2010, and having appeared in Valve's original Potato Sack bundle over a year back. Fieldrunners too (and not, sadly, Fieldrunners 2) goes back even further, its first mobile release in 2009. The Android version was originally released in July last year, but at least the PC version only came out this May. SpaceChem is obviously hugely loved by RPSers, but also originally featured in January 2011, and of course Uplink was created by the ancient Mayans. But! But! This means Uplink is finally out on Android!

So it's not exactly the freshest bundle, unless you fork out enough for the unknown Spirits. Obviously this provides an excellent way for people to plug gaps in their collection, and all of the games are splendid (well, I'm told Fieldrunners is splendid - I had it on my iPhone the entire time I owned one, but could never get past my "but it's a tower defence game" barrier.) And I've been dying to get Uplink for my Transformer Prime since it was announced. Just think about playing that on a nice big tablet (yeah, whatever, iOS users - you're using iOS) - you would basically be the coolest haX0r everz.

I know it makes me a platform betrayer, but I also think having SpaceChem on a tablet might finally be enough for me to fix my ways and get around to figuring it out. And Humble are releasing an improved version of their Android app to accompany all this.

I'm not sure this will be one of their "Oh my god, they're draining the banks of every major nation!" releases, but I can see a lot of people using this as the way to grab a missing game from their collection, or grab it for a new platform. And you can be sure they'll add at least a couple more games this time next week.

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