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California Scüba Alles: Depth GDC Trailer

Holy shit! So, when I first posted about multiplayer indie title Depth back in October I found the concept of divers vs. sharks exciting, but I wasn't expecting all that much from the game itself. It's difficult, bringing an entirely new concept to life like that. But RPS stalwart Phill Cameron just pointed me towards the new GDC game footage, and this game looks incredible.

Enough talk! Hold you breath, plunge into the frigid waters below and take a look for yourself.

Cover image for YouTube video

Not only are they going all out with the tension of the theme, the stealth looks excellent. To clarify, the shark players are good at detecting motion and blood, but so long as the divers stay still, the sharks will, allegedly, have a tricky time picking them out. I assumed that would mean hobbling the shark team's vision only slightly, but it looks like they're almost blind, which is much more interesting, but potentially much more boring if you're playing a shark. We need footage of the shark side, posthaste. You can see a shark from a 3rd person perspective at 0:28, but that might just be a killcam, and while there's another snippet at 1:14 but he can see the divers pretty clearly. I remember seeing a screenshot before which showed a camera inside the shark's mouth- maybe they've abandoned that.

Also, Jesus Christ getting singled out by a shark looks like it'll be a terrifying thing indeed. That the developers would make the divers collect treasure very slowly, piece by piece, in an atmosphere like that looks like the cruellest thing in the world. I approve! I really, really do.

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