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Sharks Vs. Divers: Depth Surfacing In November

Never go back in the water, ever

It's been long enough since we last looked at Depth that I'd entirely forgotten about it, and even felt confident enough to swim in the sea a few weeks ago. Now a new trailer and word of a November release for the shark vs. treasure hunters swim 'em up remind me that--good grief!--the ocean is a terrifying place. And a messy place, littered with severed limbs and bullet-ridden corpses. Sink your teeth into (watch) this new trailer below.

Treasure hunters are trying to gather treasure, see, while sharks are after a good meal. Apparently the divers are aware of this, as they come armed with everything from dual pistols to explosive spearguns. The profession's death toll is enormous. They must really want that treasure. Both sides unlock fancier murdertools as they slaughter, with sharks undergoing spontaneous 'evolutions' and divers getting new weapons. Perhaps helping with the perennial problem of indie multiplayer-only games failing to secure playerbases, Depth also will have an offline mode with AI bots.

Horrifying. It's all horrifying. I've started swimming in the tranquil yet murky waters of Kenwood Ladies' Pond on Hampstead Heath, and still struggle with a primitive part of my brain insisting something will eat me. It's the banks concealed by lilies and reeds that I'm most afraid of. That's where crocodiles and hippos lurk, you know. Now I'll fear the depths too, wary of inland sharks.

Depth will be on Steam this November.

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