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Shark! The Hunted Divers Scream: Depth Out Now

Multiplayer sharks vs. divers

By now, you're probably mature and wise enough to know that Jaws was just a movie, and that sharks don't really behave like that. You probably do feel safe going back in the water. Sharks don't toy with prey or trick it, you now know, you clever thing. Ah. You might have missed research and observations over the past few decades that no, some sharks are actually dreadful sneaky things. Some herd prey, some distract targets so others can strike, and some simply swarm.

Bear in mind while playing Depth, which launched yesterday, that the sharks vs. divers multiplayer murderfest might be a glimpse of what will happen if you enter any water deeper than a puddle.

Depth's a highly asymmetric affair, pitting four heavily-armed human divers against two 20-foot great white sharks. The divers are trying to swipe sunken treasure while the sharks, well, they are looking for a meal, but they're also trying to defend the treasure. Sharks are very keen on goblets and crowns, research has also shown. Divers buy fancier guns and gadgets over the course of rounds, while sharks can 'evolve' new abilities - sadly no second mouths or opposable thumbs.

Depth is £17.09 on Steam for the next week, thanks to a 10% launch discount. User reviews are looking pretty good so far, but note it only has five maps. Keeping players interested is always a real concern for multiplayer games. It does have bots, though. Developers Digital Confectioners do plan to add mod and Steamwork Workshop support too.

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