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Mod Tools And Megalodon: Depth Patched


"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..." is not a line Depth developers Digital Confectioners have used with their divers vs. sharks game's latest update, probably because they don't want to be awful people with tired jokes. Baby, grinding jokes into dust is what I do.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Depth has surfaced with a big patch. 'The Big Catch' has added mod tools and several new shark species to fight against (or devour men as), including a chuffing megalodon. Megalodon! The terror of the Cenozoic seas!

Yes, obviously I am posting about this because I think sharks are cool.

Depth's regular modes now have mako and tiger sharks as well as the dear old great white, who's been rebalanced to fit in with his new pals. The mako's the zippy class, the great white's now slow, tough, and dangerous as heck, and the tiger shark sits somewhere in the middle with gentle camouflage. As someone who's watched a lot of Shark Week documentaries, I can tell you this balancing entirely reflects nature. That megalodon is limited to a new mode though, Megalodon Hunt, where five divers, you know, hunt a megalodon.

The update also brings tools to create mods and levels, as well as a new level in a flooded mine.

Hey, do enjoy this... Al Pacino impression?

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