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Shark Week: Depth & Shark Attack Deathmatch Antics


The USA's annual extended holiday of Shark Week kicked off on Sunday, celebrating the fact that their land is above sea level and, therefore, not filled with sharks. It's an unusual national holiday, but one worth celebrating. Along with the customary week of Discovery Channel shows, this year's Shark Weeks sees big updates from two shark video games.

Depth [official site] has launched a new hide-and-seek mode, while newcomer Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 [Steam page] has launched its co-op survival mode. It will never be safe to go back into the water, but that's a death I could live with.

Depth folks Digital Confectioners explain their new mode:

"One player starts as a shark, and must hunt down the divers. When a diver is killed they join the shark side, and killing all divers secures a win for the sharks. But beware - diver players can defend themselves with their Bang Stick!"

Their update also brought new maps. To top it off, the full game will be free to play this weekend on Steam.

Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 developers Lighthouse Games Studio, meanwhile, have rolled out co-op survival to their currently-in-Early-Access sharkfest. As this is the first time we've mentioned this game, I'll briefly explain: it's the sequel to a game from Xbox Live Indie Games in 2012, and sees sharks and divers all fighting each other tooth and speargun. You'd probably guessed that.

How are you celebrating Shark Week, all? I'm marking it by playing along as if I know what Shark Week is.

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