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Announcing Magicka: Vietnam

(5:12:42 PM) Kieron: OMFG
(5:12:44 PM) Kieron: OMFG
(5:12:50 PM) Kieron: The new magicka trailer!
(5:12:59 PM) Kieron: I don't know here to start

(5:13:07 PM) Quintin: They told me about this at the Paradox convention
(5:13:15 PM) Kieron: Have you seen the trailer?
(5:13:18 PM) Quintin: Watching it now
(5:13:20 PM) Kieron: "Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if wizards were allowed to roam the jungles of war-torn Vietnam, attempting to bring peace and stability to the region by casting spells on all opponents?"
(5:13:22 PM) Kieron: Is the greatest line
(5:13:24 PM) Quintin: The music!
(5:13:49 PM) Kieron: You know, people have often debated whether it's possible to make a Vietnam game.
(5:13:56 PM) Kieron: Or even how you could do it.
(5:13:57 PM) Kieron: Now we know.
(5:14:04 PM) Quintin: Hahaha. The final image.
(5:14:09 PM) Quintin: That's Battlefield: Bad Company 2
(5:14:15 PM) Kieron: Oh man
(5:15:00 PM) Kieron: Now watching it for the 3rd time


(5:20:36 PM) Quintin: Posted
(5:21:36 PM) Kieron: \m/
(5:22:56 PM) Quintin: So, I was so eager to post all this that my soup is now cold
(5:23:10 PM) Kieron: Man!
(5:23:19 PM) Kieron: You should cut and post that after the video
(5:23:26 PM) Kieron: "Quintin: So, I was so eager to post all this that my soup is now cold"
(5:23:40 PM) Quintin: I'm actually planning to do that
(5:23:52 PM) Kieron: We are as one
(5:23:53 PM) Quintin: Oh man, that reminds me
(5:23:56 PM) Quintin: Wait I have to find it

(5:24:13 PM) Kieron: I hadn't seen this
(5:24:14 PM) Kieron: Wow
(5:24:17 PM) Kieron: That's a lot of work
(5:24:44 PM) Kieron: Crikey
(5:24:47 PM) Kieron: Why wasn't that on RPS?
(5:24:49 PM) Kieron: Mental!

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