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Might & Magic: Heroes VI Coming This June

The release date of Might & Magic: Heroes VI (much like Total War: Shogun 2, the publisher has decided on a titular reversal) has been confirmed as June 21st. Why be excited about Heroes VI? Good question. The answer is that the arrival of the King's Bounty series would appear to have woken up the Heroes developers like a hot fork to the unmentionables. You can see some of this yourself in the videos below, but 50% of the game's units will be new to the series, it'll have a greater emphasis on RPG elements, there'll be four unique classes for your heroes to evolve into, it'll have bosses and unique levels (the game's most blatant nod to King's Bounty), the art's looking sumptuous and more. Come have a look.

So, Stronghold's been changed into a more tribal-looking race (seen in the screenshot above), and the Sanctuary are an all new sode based around Naga and water dragons. Take a look-

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And here's some footage of the game with a German gentleman talking all over it, which is rude of him. You can see one of the new boss battles at the very end.

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Yeah. I think this'll be good for a few lazy summer evenings.

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