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Testostacular! Battlefield 3 In-Game Footage

So! You've read our Jim's sparkling words regarding the GDC Battlefield 3 presentation. Would you like to watch some of the in-game footage that he did, using your eyes? You would?! OK!

It scales all the way up to 1080p, this one. Just in case you felt like spoiling yourself.

Initial thoughts? I agree with Jim. Particularly this bit- "the air seems to scintillate with the impact of the bullets, with the usual chaos of particle effects selling it to your eyeballs. It’s as impressive as pretend bullets smacking into stuff as ever been." I'm just a bit miffed that we don't get the subsequent explosions, rooftop action, the cityscape vista, the bit in the vent, the melee attack, the fight for the freeway or the Earthquake. Boo! Cor, it's like sneaking into a gun party and then having to leave just as all the guns start making out with one another.

That analogy went to a... a weird place.

EDIT: RPS reader Liro sends word that this is episode 1 of Fault Line, and episode 2 will be appearing on March 16th.

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