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The RPS Omnibus

Digital religion, memory kingdoms, mules, purloined music and surrealist Mad Men: that was the week that was in PC gaming news. Here are the best bits of the last seven days of RPS, and a few of the most ludicrous too.

  • Mightily mustachioed Ronin Dan Gril offers a judgement on MMO Rift. Just how is its war and crafting?
  • More Deus Ex 3 lids are lifted - this time, we get a peeky-see at its hacking system.
  • Prey 2 was this week's surprise sequel announcement. Confirmed: hats, guns.
  • Brendan Caldwell went to explore the seedy underbelly of Garry's Mod. Also: Mad Men jokes, money-printing.
  • Alec turns out to be an enormous Transformers nerd. No-one is surprised. Here are his ruminations on Jagex's newly announced robots in disguise MMO .
  • Lewie P unearths a history of PC gaming bargains, and how times have changed.
  • The first eight minutes of Portal 2 offer new characters and funny words.
  • Richard Garriott announces plan to bring his Ultima hero Lord British back from the dead.
  • John continues his crusade against the curious case of the Dragon Age 2 bans.
  • Secret Minecraft mod / digital religion Chain World has been one of the week's major talking points. Even amongst those who didn't bother to watch the video showing how it began and instead went on to make all sorts of erroneous presumptions.
  • The Batman: Arkham City trailer got everyone hot and bothered.
  • The voices behind Dawn of War 2 video was perhaps the week's most charming moment.
  • Did Ubisoft really distributed a pirated version of the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood soundtrack?
  • Come explore the Ultima Underworld memory palace, in what's easily the most thought-provoking and deeply personal piece on RPS this week.
  • Legendary Paradox boss Fred Wester faces the Jimquisition. No, not that Jimquisition.
  • Alec gets his rant on for the Dragon Age Facebook game. More to come on this subject soon, actually - this is not a matter of disliking Facebook games, but of believing that more caution perhaps must exercised in how traditional genres are adapted for free to play mechanics.
  • John makes a very, very, very, very ambitious promise.
  • Hitman 5?
  • Valve hires a veritable gaming legend - former Looking Glass designer Doug Church.
  • What is Chessboxing, and what does it have to do with EVE Online?
  • Quinns and Richard Cobbett have a right old natter about whether Dungeon Siege III will be any good.

    And there's plenty more if you know where to look. Er, on the rest of the site, that is.

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