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The RPS Omnibus 2.0

A long, long time ago, I can still remember, the RPS Omnibus used to make me smile, And I know, that if I had my chance, I could make those people click through. And maybe they'd be happy, for a while.

But all those Saturdays made me shiver, with every post I'd deliver. Very few comments on the doorstep, I couldn't take one more step.

But hell, let's see what happens this time around. For those who don't read us regularly or suffer from short-term memory loss, here's the best stuff we've posted over the last week...

  • The IGF student showcase winners were announced. You can and should play them all.
  • Quintin splurged his brain matter all over one of the best puzzle games in years, Space Chem.
  • John wasn't terribly surprised about any of the most successful PC games of 2010.
  • One man's animated riposte to a negative comment about his Flash game gave the entire internet megalaughs. "Bee-ah-koo-ahz..."
  • Minecraft has cake. And there was much rejoicing. Then the game reached one million users, and Notch probably did even more rejoicing.
  • Age of Decadence remains a point of some debate.
  • Cliff 'Gratuitous Space Battles' Harris' World of Love talk is an absolute must-watch for anyone even remotely interested in indie games - and especially for anyone who is/hopes to make one.
  • Stalker 2 details: this game needs to be on all our PCs right now, please.
  • John's still a bit pissed about that Tomb Raider screenshot drama.
  • Gemini Rue looks amazing, basically.
  • It's Mod News! You know Mod News - it's that news post all about mods.
  • Nifflas has blessed us with another game. Hooray!
  • Indie brain-bender Tealy and Orangey is pretty special, and not because its name references the only two colours used in Michael Bay movies.
  • What if there was no friction in GTA 4?
  • What would Zombie Cow's sadly cancelled third Dan and Ben game have been like? John prised the details from their cold, undead bovine hands.
  • Here's what's next for the RPS Game Club. Wanna play?
  • The creator of Fract explains all. Well, some. "Explains all" is the most abused phrase in the English language.
  • Jordan Mechner's The Last Express is unexpectedly back. Choo!
  • Alec isn't afraid of the dark, and has a request to make of game developers. Plus, half the comments thread didn't understand how screenshots differ from reality.
  • Semi-classic 2002 RPG Arx Fatalis has been given the kiss of life by its creators.
  • And finally, this man has invented glasses-free 3D gamings. Watching the comments thread is hilarious/horrifying.

That's it! Hopefully the bus will pull into town again next week, but we'll see. IS THIS USEFUL TO YOU?

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