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PC Getting Some Resident Evil This Winter

Have you heard of a game called Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City? Me either. But Capcom have announced that it'll be launching on PCs as well as console-toys this Winter, so let's take a look.

Firstly, though- let's say your love of Resident Evil was eroded by Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil 5 or either the Resident Evil movie or any of its three (THREE) sequels. Not a problem! Because Operation Raccoon City sounds less like Resident Evil and more like a 3rd person Left 4 Dead, with your deeply human four man team replaced by an equal number of leathery freaks. First images and details below.

Developers Slant Six (whose previous word extends to a handful of Socom games) described the game to Official Xbox 360 as "a true third person team based shooter experience", where a team of up to 4 players will take on the role of members of the security force of Umbrella Pharmaceutical Inc., the megacorporation behind the original zombie outbreak, to do battle with zombies, bio-weapons, survivors and any agents the US government sends into the disaster zone, with all the action taking place at the same time as Resident Evil 2 and 3. "Three way combat" in "iconic locations" will provide a "unique gaming experience", says the press report.

I could start poking fun at this point, but you know what? If Slant Six are reinterpreting Left 4 Dead with the slower, more tactical combat of Socom, that could be incredible. No screenshots just yet, but VG24/7's assembled some magazine covers with some character design. Fingers crossed these four figures are the four members of your team. They look like an excellent bunch of psychos.

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